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Awakening of the Soul

School of Samaya

The Perennial Truth | Awakening of the Soul by Spiritual Science Author, TLB Kruger, offers modern day understanding of the ancient wisdom and teachings of understanding consciousness. Podcast episodes are scheduled every Friday. Please subscribe to your favorite channels to stay informed on updates 🙏 TLB Kruger has been studying spiritual sciences for over 3 decades and on these pre-recorded podcast episodes he covers topics related to the awakening of consciousness and your part in it. These podcasts are sure to expand your awareness into the higher realms of consciousness. This podcast show varies from discourses to interviews to questions and answers regarding various aspects of awakening. Karen Kruger hosts the show with her life partner and teacher TLB Kruger. Connect with TLB Kruger for more personal engagements by becoming a member at School of Samaya or to deepen your journey of understanding and awakening get their Maha Khala - Meditation through the Senses Mobile App. TLB & Karen donate 100% of School of Samaya's proceeds and this podcast donations towards the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara, two Bengal Tigers that they have saved from the hands of the asian medicinal trade market. For more online self studies have a look at

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